The Real Eckerd College

Please flip to 00:58 seconds and be amazed.  (Chris in an infomercial!!)  thank you Sydney for finding this gem! 

barefootnhappy asked: Thank you so much for getting back to me! I always thought that I wanted a really big school but found out that I want a smaller one so that i can really get to know a lot of people. I am going to major in biology with more of a focus on the wildlife/conservation side. What was your favorite and least favorite things about Eckerd?

No problem! I’ve gotten quite a few prospective’s sending me messages, and I figured I’d publish one! Eckerd is an amazing place to work in conservation, because we are generally a very eco-conscious school. I would suggest considering an environmental science minor, and joining Earth Society. It’s really important to make connections during school to get internships, jobs, etc later on. 


- the people: I’ve met my absolute best friends in the world; and generally everyone is very nice, open, and willing to make new friends (this is the advantage of autumn term, all freshmen trying to make friends) 

- I’m going to be a nerd here and say my professors/classes: The small classes sizes were just the best (and the worst…. when you skip class and your prof emails you asking if you’re sick and you have to awkwardly make up and excuse…) But really the best- you get that one on one attention and very personal recommendations. You’re going to have terrible classes, you just are, it’s probably going to be organic chemistry, but then you are going to have the most amazing classes that change your perspective on everything

- All campus parties: You are not going to have that many schools where the ENTIRE campus comes out for a party and the party is outside (score for Florida)… but at Eckerd you do… and it’s a tradition to dress up and go crazy- from Toga, to Cowboys vs Indians, to Space Party, Around the World, there’s more, definitely go to them

- Being outside: When you get your tour, you’ll see, its just beautiful to stand outside, we have swings, hammocks, our own beach, people call it “camp eckerd” for a reason 

I have tons more (the dorms, the free events, milkshakes at the pub, pitchers with professors, winter term) but those are the main ones

Least Favorites:

- Health Services: It’s really hard to get an appointment sometimes, one time I was sick and I couldn’t get an appointment for a few days, and by that time I was better

- Rain: If you come to Eckerd, buy rainboots. Some parts of the campus become lakes after a day of rain (seriously ducks swim next to Beta) DO NOT WALK IN THE LAWN IN FRONT OF IOTA AFTER IT RAINS, it looks like grass, but its 3 feet of water. On the upside, it’s super sunny FL so it drains out 

barefootnhappy asked: Hey! so I applied to Eckerd and got in...I am visiting in February and its my top school right now. Do you have any insight about the school for me? Thanks! :)

First, congrats on getting in! I’d be happy to answer any questions you have- I am recent graduate and was fortunate enough to participate in a lot that Eckerd has to offer! (I was also a tour guide, but you’ll get most of that on your visit!) 

If you are interested in a small school, that is truly a community of wonderful people, then Eckerd is the place for you! You definitely don’t have that “lost in the crowd” feel like some other schools. 

Do you know what major you’re thinking about? Or I would be happy to answer questions you might have about the social atmosphere (aka the parties- it is a big part of the college experience)

But I personally would pick Eckerd every time- and I know all of my friends would do the same.