The Real Eckerd College

barefootnhappy asked: Hey! so I applied to Eckerd and got in...I am visiting in February and its my top school right now. Do you have any insight about the school for me? Thanks! :)

First, congrats on getting in! I’d be happy to answer any questions you have- I am recent graduate and was fortunate enough to participate in a lot that Eckerd has to offer! (I was also a tour guide, but you’ll get most of that on your visit!) 

If you are interested in a small school, that is truly a community of wonderful people, then Eckerd is the place for you! You definitely don’t have that “lost in the crowd” feel like some other schools. 

Do you know what major you’re thinking about? Or I would be happy to answer questions you might have about the social atmosphere (aka the parties- it is a big part of the college experience)

But I personally would pick Eckerd every time- and I know all of my friends would do the same.